Lumica's LED INLINE FLOAT allows you fish at any depth any time!

Dia.27mm x H131mm
(exc. top)
Dia.27mm x H151mm
(exc. top)
Loading weight #2/11g
of total rig weight
Loading weight #3/15g
of total rig weight
Loading weight #5/22g
of total rig weight
Battery : BR435 x1 or x2 (Not Included)
6 pcs/inner box -- one master carton contains 12 inner box

Slide the stop-knot up or down to adjust the depth

Put a slider-top into the hole to add more visibility under daylight

Stick the slider-top upside-down when using as a fixed float

Sliding float freely slips the line to present a bait at any desired depth


Sliding float Rig

Set the stop-knot at a desired depth
Tie it small enough not to catch on any guide rings as the stop-knot can be reeled onto the spool in retrieving the rig

Stick the attached Slider-top into the top-hole to add more visibility under sunlight

Use the Slider-top upside-down or Starlite SL-5 into the hole when using as a fixed float

Rated loading weight #2=11g including the sinker, swivel, leader line, hook and bait in total #3=15g #5=22g as well

Attach Starlite SL-5 20cm above the sinker

  • as a strike indicator
  • to help prevent tangles when casting
  • two lights indicate the direction and angle of the rig
  • to find where the bait is drifting with what speed and depth
  • as a bumper between the float and the sinker
  • as a float-stopper to avoid loss if the line snaps
  • to catch the tidal stream as a sea anchor
  • to attract fish from a distance

Sliding float freely slips up or down the line to present a bait at most any depth

LUMICA Starlite SL-5

Enhance a shy bite

Even a small move of the line can be amplified 3-fold wider under the principle of leverage

Fish touches the bait and pulls the fishing line

Settle in water readily

Comparison of the remaining buoyancy which is the volume jutting out of the water

Tear-drop shaped float is small and strong against wind

Can catch a tidal stream even at a neap tide

Small power is required to pull the float into the water. Fish bite the bait without doubt

Wedge-shaped float is bulky and be blown off easily

Possible to ride on current

Big power is required to pull it downward and fish often let go of the bait

Moderate bait movement

Float at the top of a wave

pull up rig

Float at the bottom of waves

Sea-surface grabs and holds the mainline by the viscous resistance

Only a sliding float goes down and the rig keeps the bait in a position

Perfect at mending

Float should be leaded above the cover and mainline should not affect the drift. To prevent miss out on countless bites, take the slack out of the line and keeps tension to sense a small bite. Since the sliding float does not dive even if pulling the line, mending can be done perfectly with keeping the fish hole

Stop-knot full reel-in

Float does not sink into the sea while reeling in or straightening

Rig is pulled up and returns