PUNI-RUBBERThe next generation of Tai-Rubber

The Punirubber consists of a realistic squid-suit made of super elastic material, a built-in in-line sinker and three sharp strong J-hooks. The squid suit emit lifelike vibration while sinking from the sea surface to the sea floor.

The Puni-Rubber is designed for easy replacement of parts without tools. Available in 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 grams, each offered in 7 different colors. Green-glow-glitter and Blue-glow-glitter models glow in the dark.

package size
W 66mm / D 31mm / H 216mm
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1 : Squid extract is kneaded into the super elastic material

2 : Fins make best posture angle that is easy to be preyed on

3 : Extremely tough and durable arms and tentacles

4 : Life-like sonic wave generator

5 : 40g 60g 80g 100g 120g and 150g inner sinker with big eyes to attract carnivorous fish from a distance

6 : Hard to get entangled In-line reader

7 : Silicone necktie luring fish closer, it can be easily replaced on shipboard

8 : Cobra-head-point-hooks realize resistant-free penetration

9 : Sliding and rotating assist hook

● Green Glow Glitter

Inner Sinker : Chrome

● Blue Glow Glitter

Inner Sinker : Chrome

● Pumpkin

Inner Sinker : Gold

● Chartreuse

Inner Sinker : Metallic Green

● UV-Pink

Inner Sinker : Metallic Pink

● UV-Orange

Inner Sinker : Metallic Orange

● UV-Clear

Inner Sinker : Metallic Red