PUNI-RUBBERThe next generation of Tai-Rubber

Puni-Rubber is a realistic squid lure made of super elastic material with an in-line sinker and hooks. Life-like action and vibrations will attract fish until it falls from the surface to the bottom.

Puni-Rubber is designed for easy component replacement without tools. And available in 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 gram sizes, in seven different colors. Green and Blue Glow Glitter models glow in the dark.

100g, 120g will be released later.

package size
W 66mm / H 235mm / T 31mm
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1 : Squid extract kneaded in the material

2 : Fins make best posture angle that is easy to be preyed on

3 : Extremely tough and durable arms and tentacles

4 : Life-like sonic wave generator

5 : 40g, 60g, 80g, 100g and 120g inner sinker with big eyes to attract big fish

6 : Never get tangled in-line leader

7 : Silicon necktie help entice fish in close, it can be easily replaced on shipboard

8 : Cobra-Head-Point realizes no-resistance penetration even a strong hook

9 : Sliding and rotating assist hook

● Green Glow Glitter

Inner Sinker : Chrome

● Blue Glow Glitter

Inner Sinker : Chrome

● Pumpkin

Inner Sinker : Gold

● Chartreuse

Inner Sinker : Metallic Green

● UV-Pink

Inner Sinker : Metallic Pink

● UV-Orange

Inner Sinker : Metallic Orange

● UV-Clear

Inner Sinker : Metallic Red