What's PUNI-IKA?
It's a Realistic Baby Squid Lure.

LUMICA "Puni-Ika" - An outline of Lumica's latest series of realistic baby squid lure.

Ultra lifelike and Japanese made, this artificial bait has been manufactured to fool the saltwater's most wary species.
"Puni" is a kind of Japanese onomatopoeia which means chubby and jiggly and "Ika" is a noun representing a real squid.
One of the Puni-Ika's finest features is that it has been manufactured with a hollow body/cavity.
This enables the angler to add all kinds of liquids, baits, colours and of course Starlites to give the lure its ultimate attraction.
By adding a Starlite to this lure not only grabs the attention of fish however, also helps the angler follow it through the darkness during a cast.
Obviously this is ideal during night fishing adventures.

The Puni-Ika's material is also resilient to predatory species that possess sharp teeth which improves the life of the lure and cuts down on the cost of keep having to replace them; also squid extract has been kneaded into the lure's rubber like material which further increases its realistic factor and brings it a step closer to the real thing.
If used without any sinkers, the lure will float however, if the angler uses the correctly and properly adjusted weight then the lure can be made to suspend somewhere in the middle.
The way the squid bait is hooked also keeps the hook away from underwater snags when fished on the rocky bottom.

LUMICA Puni-Ika X-WING WAVE SHOCK-1 Realistic Baby Squid Lure

The range consists of four differing designs.


The X-wing is the biggest and possibly most exciting model in the Puni-Ika family weighing in at six grams (No Weight) and a total length of 90 mm this lure is the go-to model for the larger game fish.
It can be used effectively both offshore and around the shores of remote islands.
The X-wing has abdominal fins which basically function as stabilizers and keep the "real" factor while the angler imparts quick and tricky actions into the lure.
Currently there are 10 colours in the X-wing range, all of which can be fitted with Starlites to really give the bait its allure.
Recommended Starlite is the 2.9x23mm size Sl-5.

By casting the lure deep into cover at distance, anglers using the Puni-Ika are able to cover a lot of water and attract the bigger and more wary fish. An effective rig for this would include a snap, snood swivel, a 5-8 gram torpedo sinker, split ring and a treble hook.


The Puni-Ika Wave has four colours in the range, three of which are UV.
The wave is 65mm long and unweighted weighs 2.8grams.
Its fins are slanted slightly downwards so that when the angler retrieves, the lure will dive further down making it a great lure for searching for fish along the bottom.


Classed as the most versatile squid in the whole of the Puni-ika range, it comes in a tiny size of just 52mm and a weight of 1.5 grams.
There are three colours; Clear Pink, UV-Yellow and Clear-White-UV. It's a well known fact that if you use a bigger bait, then usually you'll catch bigger fish however this is not the case with this tiny offering has been responsible for some large captures.
It's ideal for fishing with from a shingled or cobbled beach and also from piers or jettys.


This is the smallest product in the Puni-Ika range and is just perfect for all species that feed on small squid.
Again, the smallest 2.2x13mm Starlite can be used for attraction.
It weighs just 0.4gram and has a length of 35mm.
Five colours compliment the Shock-1 range and all have been proven to catch Horse Mackerel, Black Sea Bream and Black Rockfish.It can be perfectly used on a jig head or even attached to a trailer hook of a jig.
All in all, this is a great range of squid baits that should be in every saltwater lure angler's bag.

LUMICA Puni-Ika X-WING Realistic Baby Squid Lure
LUMICA Puni-Ika Realistic Baby Squid Lure
LUMICA Puni-Ika Realistic Baby Squid LureLUMICA Puni-Ika Realistic Baby Squid Lure