Puni-Rubber TGBorn to be preyed on.

The Puni-Rubber TG is quite a unique and unprecedented Tai-Rubber with a hollow squid-shaped jacket and a replaceable tungsten inner sinker. A small volume sinker allows to sink quickly even in the fast tide and to react any sharp rod action. Life-like vibrations generate from the squid jacket will attract bigger and more wary fish.

The Puni-Rubber TG is designed for easy component replacement without tools. Available in 60, 80 and 100 gram sizes in seven different colors. Green-glow-glitter and Blue-glow-glitter models glow in the dark.

Designed for easy component replacement without tools

1Superelastic material kneaded with squid extract

2Extremely stretchable and durable arms and tentacles generate life-like vibrations

3Tungsten slide head available in 60, 80, and 100g sizes

4Tangle-free high-tensile leader

5Cobra-Head-Point hook realizes no-resistance penetration

6Fins make the best posture angle that is easy to be preyed on

7Assist hook rotates and slides freely

8Silicon necktie help entice fish in closer / All parts are designed for easy replacement without tools

Available in 60, 80 and 100 gram sizes in seven different colors

Green Glow Glitter

Inner Sinker : Chrome

Blue Glow Glitter

Inner Sinker : Chrome


Inner Sinker : Gold


Inner Sinker : Metallic Green


Inner Sinker : Metallic Pink


Inner Sinker : Metallic Orange


Inner Sinker : Metallic Red

DaytimeShallowSunnyChartreuseGreen algae area
Brown algae area
Mid-depthCloudyUV-PinkEven on a cloudy day,
UV rays hit the lure to fluoresce
NightDeepRainyBlue Glow GlitterOffshore
Inshore-phytoplankton area
Green Glow Glitter

Compare to a firefly squid

Choose with a weight

At the start of fishing, choose a Puni-Rubber TG with a weight that matches the water depth number in meters of your fishing area. i.e.80m = 80g

Compare with The Puni-Rubber

Puni-Rubber TG 80g compare the size of Puni-Rubber lead sinker model 80g

Recommended tackle for 2-8kg of Red Snapper

Rod : Tai-Rubber Rod along with split butt grips / Length:5-7ft / Lure:40-120g / PE.Line:0.6-1.5

Reel : Baitcasting Reel loaded with multi-colored braided line 20-40lb

Knot : PR knot or FG knot

Leader : 16-22lb Fluorocarbon leader

Line Connection : Figure of eight loop knot or Surgeon's loop knot for loop to loop line connection

Using Puni-Rubber TG is the Best trick for making a big catch

Retrieve the Puni-Rubber TG at about one meter a second, and when it is 10 to 15 meters off the bottom, let it drop again. Repeat this to fish.

ALet the rig go to the water freely. Keep alert for an abrupt attack of fish, cause the Puni-Rubber TG looks vulnerable and gather fish at all range of depth from the surface to the bottom.

BBottom-dwelling fish are waiting for a squid attacked by the predatory fish to fall, and the squid is preyed upon without exception. Even a most wary fish automatically assume the Puni-Rubber TG is a damaged live squid.

CShortly after the Puni-Rubber TG hits the bottom, the line becomes slack. Start reeling immediately, since the boat is flowing, it will get snagged if the lure remains on the seabed. No other action required.

DDo not change the winding speed even if you feel the fish has touched. Occasionally the fish doesn't hook. In that case, take the Puni-Rubber TG back on board to check if it's damaged.

!When the bottom cannot be sensed due to a strong current, choose a heavier model.

Puni-Rubber TG can attract various predatory fish

The target species is mainly Red Snapper, but since it is a heavy lure in the shape of a baby-squid, it can attract various predatory fish.